Welcome to the Dalgety House Museum

John Davies, a historian and museum designer was contracted to do the displays for the Museum with emphasis on the pastoral industry as this was the lifeline of the Pilbara. The first pastoral lease was the De Grey Station granted by the Crown in 1863. Due to plagues of mice, grasshoppers and drought, the station was abandoned in 1867. It was reoccupied in 1869, and this led to the townsite of Condon being gazetted in 1872. The first telegraph line from Condon to Marble Bar which had become the gold mining centre of the Pilbara was established in 1873. With so much history available, the Port Hedland Historical Society (PHHS), over time, accumulated a huge collection of photographs and publications for the community and tourist viewing.

PHHS would like to acknowledge the contribution made by its foundation members John van Uden, Kerry Thom, Ted Graham and Arnold Carter and also the present and past Committee officers and members who had advised and contributed to the present financial position and stability through its investment in property and the operation of the Dalgety House Museum.

Note: Outside opening hours, visitation can be arranged by negotiation. Please contact 08 9173 4300 to organise your booking. If you are from the local school and you wish to take school children to the Museum, please contact the Museum in advance so that we can organise volunteers to assist during your visit.

Opening Hours

May to October

10:00am to 2:00 pm – Monday to Friday
11:00am to 1:00 pm – Saturday and Sunday

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